See what our plans are and influence the future development of the plugin


AJAX search

Add a quick search box between pages and templates.

Categories for pop-ups

Separate Pop-ups from templates and categorize them.

Custom page order

Allow pages in the plugin to be reordered according to their own order.

Creating Elementor templates

Add the ability to create a template directly in the plugin.


Possibility to create a post

Add the ability to create a post via the plugin

Summary of contributions

Add your own category for listing posts and their options


Launching a sale

Debugging and monitoring errors due to global sales launch.


Plugin redesign

New plugin layout.

License server

Connecting a plugin for a license server and better providing updates.


Addition of other languages.

Version - 2.0.3

  • We have entered the WordPress plugin repository
  • We have created a free version
  • We’ve added the ability to duplicate pages inside
  • WordPress as well
  • We fixed a few minor bugs

Version -

  • Fix trial

Version - 1.8.9

  • Addition of Tooltips to icons
  • Added the option of a trial for 3 days

Version - 1.8.7

  • Firefox compatibility fix
  • Change plugin items in WP admin panel

Version - 1.8.3

  • Added support for EN language
  • removed packaging of subpages after the action
  • fixed URL validation

Version - 1.8.2

  • fixed sorting when duplicating
  • fixed duplication gaps

Version - 1.8.1

  • CSS modification to avoid collisions with the ELM editor

Version - 1.8

  • Deployed redesign

Version - 1.7

  • Addition of new duplication functions and creation of a new page

Version - 1.0 - 1.6

  • Initial plugin development and debugging various bugs

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