We developed the plugin for ourselves, but we liked it so much that we decided to give it to others. By purchasing the plugin, you are also contributing to its further improvement.


For 1 website

Don’t risk it! Download the plugin from the WordPress library for free. All functions are unlocked for up to 5 pages of your website, so you can comfortably test the plugin.


For 1 website

5.99 $



For 10 websites

24.99 $



For 20 websites

34.99 $



For more than 21 sites


In this case, you always pay only the difference between the amounts, while the period remains the same.

For licenses, we use the worldwide Freemius license module, which allows us to check licenses and at the same time provide you with the plugin very easily.

In this case, your use of the plugin will be suspended.

Not. The plugin only runs in the ELM editor and is so unpretentious in its code that it often loads much faster than the rest of the editor. So the plugin does not burden your site.

We do not have this option yet, but we are preparing it. If you are already interested in a commission program, please contact us on the Contact page.

You will find the news in your e-mail box.