About us

Elementor is our heart’s desire, which is why the plugin is so valuable to us.

Jan Tipmann

Hi, I’m Honza and I’ve been creating websites for almost 15 years. I tried dozens of platforms but 3 years ago I settled with Elementor, who won. Thanks to my experience from other applications, I knew what I missed the most in Elementor, which is why the Page Manager plugin was created.

The plugin was supposed to be just for me at first and only offered a listing of pages, but I’m a person who always looks a little further, so we created a tool that can do much more than just show pages.

Petr král

I have been creating and managing web projects focused on ecommerce for several years. I focus on ensuring that nothing prevents the client from growing and that his customer is extremely satisfied. From the experience with Elementor and the cooperation with Honza, we created a Pagemanager, which we send to the world! I look forward to your feedback.