Page Manager for Elementor

The most convenient site service for Elementor

With one click, you can see all the pages of your site without having to leave Elementor. You can also duplicate any page from one place, edit it, or create a brand new one.




a new pages

settings pages

Pages overview

All pages always
at hand in a ... now

Imagine not having to switch from the Elementor editor back to WordPress and back to the editor, and so on. The plugin is part of Elementor, so you can completely exclude WordPress from this cycle and have a complete overview of pages in Elementor and beyond if you are logged in.

An integral part of it are also its templates, whether headers, footers or pop-ups. You too can find lightning speed in the plugin in one place.

Duplication of pages

Duplicate the Elementor pages quickly

How about making copying easier and being able to duplicate any page? Page Manager allows you to duplicate the page you are on and whatever else you need.

But we’re not just talking about pages, we have duplication support for all Elementor templates, and we always keep their type.

Favorite pages

Mark the most used
pages on the web

To make matters worse, you can mark each page or template as a favorite and you will find it in the extra tab. So, for example, if you have a large website, you don’t always have to search for one and the same page, but just tag it and have access to it in a matter of seconds.

Creating a new pages

Create a new page immediately at any time

Need a new page? No problem. Just two clicks, enter a name and that’s it.

The URL is automatically generated from the name, but you can always customize it to your liking. Page Manager will also notify you if the URL you entered is already taken.

Edit the settings

Change page settings
without WordPress

Need to change your title, URL, parent page, or page order? You can affect everything with two clicks without any search.

You can edit each page if necessary and not go anywhere.

What people like you say about us

I didn't know I needed the plugin, but once I got it, I found out how much I missed something like that.
If you have a website over 10 pages, the plugin is almost a must. I create websites every day and I can no longer imagine working without it. It also saves me hours and countless clicks a day.
I run a large wbe that has over 100 pages and looking for something in WordPress is a lot of hard work. Page Manager was a deliverance for me.
The guys who made this plugin hit the head. These are exactly the features that basically prevent you from enjoying creating websites or even managing a website. When you have everything in front of you like on a golden tray, it's just a toy.

We are a 100% Czech plugin

The plugin is being developed in the Czech Republic and we are justifiably proud of it.

Speed up your work now and risk nothing!

Try the plugin directly on your website! The free version allows you to test the plugin for up to 5 sites.